Should Knowledge Workers Have Enterprise 2.0 Ratings?

Oktober 3, 2008 at 1:39 pm 1 Kommentar

Ein ganz spannender Blogpost von Andrew McAfee zu einem unserer Open Space Themen auf der SCOPE_08: „Should Knowledge Workers Have Enterprise 2.0 Ratings?“ Man darf gespannt sein, zu welchen Schlussfolgerungen bzw. Antworten er im Laufe seiner Blogserie kommt:

Hier ein kurzer Einstieg:

„Imagine that an organization has deployed a full suite of emergent social software platforms (ESSPs) for its members— blogs, wikis, discussion / Q&A forums, upload facilities for photos and videos and etc., Digg-like utilities to flag and vote on digital content, prediction markets, some kind of enterprise Twitter, and whatever else a ‘full suite’ consists of, now or in the future. And imagine further that the leaders of the organization are sincerely interested in pursuing Enterprise 2.0 and getting their people to actually use the new tools. What would they then do? What would be their smart course(s) of action?

Virtually everyone agrees that coaching, training, explaining, and leading by example would be appropriate and beneficial activities. But what about measuring? It’s a technical no-brainer to measure how much each individual has contributed and to generate some kind of absolute or relative metric. Would doing so be helpful or harmful? Would it lead to negative outcomes and perverse behaviors, or would measuring E2.0 contributions stimulate and encourage the right kinds of actions?“


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Mit einem Trommelwirbel begann die SCOPE_08 Stephen Downes@SCOPE_08

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