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Januar 12, 2008 at 12:57 am Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

kristallkugel.jpgJanuar – die Zeit der Prognosen. Was wird aus NanoNetworks, was aus stealth learning? Wir haben uns umgesehen. Zum Beispiel bei Clive Shepherd (Clive on Learning). Auch er stellte sich The big question: What are your predictions for learning in 2008? Und liess sich von Stephen Downes inspirieren, über

„… two major types of predictions: one, which identifies a current trend, and says it will continue; and the other, that identifies something novel or unexpected. It seems clear that the former predictions are easy and safe and not especially useful. The latter, while not as safe, were much more useful to people.“

Shepherd weiter: „I believe learning and development, particularly in the corporate context, to be a curiously conservative profession, which does not rush to make changes of any nature, however convincing the arguments. I believe that we also have to consider the likely economic context, at best difficult and possibly recessionary. As we all know, training budgets are the first to go and we could see some scaling down this year.“

Und weil Neophobie auch hierzulande weit verbreitet ist, lohnt sich ein Blick auf seine eher nüchternen und ernüchternden Prognosen. Zum Beispiel die Nummer 7: „An ever growing proportion of enlightened learning and development professionals will be sold on the vision of informal and bottom-up learning, the concept of connectivism and the general benefits of Web 2.0. In many cases, they will receive a baffled response from their customers. If they’re lucky and are given the space to experiment, they’ll be confused about what – if anything – they’re supposed to do to make it happen.“

Und wer noch ein paar andere, auch optimistischere Stimmen hören möchte, für den haben wir noch weitere Blicke in die Kristallkugel anzubieten:

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