The 10 top challenges facing enterprise mashups

November 11, 2007 at 9:46 pm Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

Dion Hinchcliffe (Leveraging the convergence of IT and the next generation of the Web), bekannter US IT-Kolumnist, geht in einem kürzlich erschienen Artikel ausführlich auf die Herausforderungen von MashUps für Unternehmen ein. Dion Hinchcliffe : „I’ve discussed this with a various people in the mashup community and analyzed a number of the leading mashup platforms and have boiled the outstanding challenges down to 10 points I believe are the biggest obstacles.

mashups.pngSome of these challenges are counterintuitive and some of them might be self-evident to those that are struggling to enable them but nevertheless are still major issues. But given that SOA, composite apps, Web services & open APIs, and widgets are all receiving significant venture capital and corporate investment in 2007 and heading into 2008, the enterprise mashup space is poised for tremendous growth by all other indications. If only we could discover and resolve with the remaining barriers for their creation and use. Here are what seem to be the biggest issues with widespread adoption of enterprise mashups: The top 10 challenges facing enterprise mashups in late 2007


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